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Mixed-Use Development in Malaysia: Prioritising Convenience

Mixed-Use Development in Malaysia-Prioritising Convenience

Mixed-use development reflects an urban planning approach that recognises the necessity of accessibility and quality of life, along with a conducive urban living experience. As a seasoned town planner in Malaysia, we created this post to serve as your concise yet comprehensive guide to mixed-use development.

What Is Mixed-Use Development?

What Is Mixed-Use Development

Also known as ‘integrated development’, mixed-use development is defined as a type of development that integrates or blends two or more uses, such as commercial, residential, industrial, cultural and institutional.

Essentially, mixed-use developments are all about access, convenience, and bridging various things into one large modern development. As such, these currently on-the-rise developments are typically pedestrian-friendly, as they were designed to benefit the public interest and the environment.

The two common types of integrated development are vertical mixed-use development and horizontal mixed-use development. In the table below, we’ve broken down the main characteristics of the two:

Types of integrated development

The Benefits of Mixed-Use Development

Enhance Access to Amenities

A big reason why mixed-use development has become a buzz term is due to the overall convenience it promises. The development brings convenience to a whole new level, providing you direct access to everything you need and more.

After all, anyone would love direct, walkable access to amenities and opportunities for locals and visitors.

Create an Optimal Living Environment

The modern living environment – a premier community with a variety of amenities such as medical centres, educational institutions, 24-hour security, and recreation centres – is one of the most valuable aspects of an integrated development.

The factors contribute to a better quality of life, ensuring that everybody’s needs are met.

Promote Sustainable Economic Growth

Furthermore, a mixed-use development heavily influences the demand for local services. This is due to the need to accommodate those residing or working in the integrated building or complex.

Inevitably, the community’s economy will flourish as new businesses arrive to cater to increasing demands and supplement one another’s services.

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Implementation of Mixed-Use Development in Malaysia

Implementation of Mixed-Use Development in Malaysia

KL Gateway

Located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur city centre, the building comprises 5 residential towers and 2 office towers. It also has a shopping mall and calming exterior gardens inspired by the Malaysian’s organic forest settings.

Its centrepiece, an outdoor courtyard, offers a public gathering space for residents and visitors. The building connects residents to the KL Gateway-Universiti LRT station via a large glass bridge that illuminates the city with colour panels at night.

Mid Valley City

Next, Mid Valley City is an integrated development with access to various major shopping and entertainment centres. The area include Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall.

What’s more, thanks to the recent completion of a bridge connecting KL Eco City and Gardens Mall, those residing at Mid Valley City now have access to KTM Mid Valley Megamall station and the Kelana Jaya LRT Line.

Tun Razak Exchange

Tun Razak Exchange, or TRX, integrates a whopping 2.2 million square feet of retail, hotels, commercial office space and more. The high-density mixed-use development is home to 6 residential towers.

Moreover, it hosts over 2,000 apartment units that boast direct connectivity to KL MRT Line 1 and 2. It also has an outstanding access to a 10-acre public park which serves as a relaxing green retreat from the urban hustle.

To Conclude

Above all, an integrated development aims to create a wholesome future that delivers a wide range of conveniences for all, and PEQ Consult strives to manifest that dream into reality with reliable town planning services.


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