PEQ Consult Sdn. Bhd. (199401028285 / 313966-A)

Registered with Board of  Town Planners Malaysia (BC0049)
Registered with Malaysian Institute of Planners (PC/C/240/2019)
Certificate Of Practice (COP 0059)

Registered Town Planner Malaysia

PEQ Consult is a registered town planner under the Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP). Since its inception, MIP has championed and led progress and change in planning practice, addressed issues of importance to the planning profession and the public interest, and delivered relevant and contemporary benefits and services to its members.

About PEQ Consult

Since November 1998, PEQ Consult Sdn Bhd started positioning itself as a consultancy company providing one-stop consulting services for town planning and project development.

In line with our business philosophy, we strive to deliver unfaltering consultancy services of unparalleled calibre to our valued clients in KL and Malaysia.

From concept to creation, we deliver personalised, practical, and pragmatic solutions to address specific needs and challenges for companies in both the public and private sectors.

Our in-house experts offer robust insight and frameworks that guarantee to exceed expectations and drive sustainable results to businesses and the community.

About Malaysian Institute of Planners

The Malaysian Institute of Planners chartered object is “ to promote the science and art of Town Planning for the benefit of the public” It does this primarily by ensuring the existence of a body of professional planners with the appropriate knowledge, training and skills to promote the advancement of town planning in Malaysia since 1972.

The Malaysian Institute of Planners is a professional institute that is a membership-registered organization. Most of its members are fully qualified professional registered town planners in Malaysia, working as planning officers with various federal, state and local authorities, as town planning consultants, lecturers in universities or as planners for developers and various organisations with significant land banks.

MIP has since its inception champion and lead progress and change in planning practice, address issues of importance to the planning profession and the public interest and deliver relevant and contemporary benefits and services to its members.

MIP Pledge

  • Ensure the high quality, efficiency and integrity of the town planning profession in facing the challenges of urbanization and the changing needs of the community that is planned for;
  • Ensure the quality of living environments in human settlements through the provision of comprehensive, effective and inclusive spatial planning solutions that shall balance the economic, social and environmental needs of all stakeholders;
  • Ensure of the community’s well being in the planning and design for safe, healthy built environments that is inclusive;
  • Promote research and institutional development and practices towards sustainability, through strategic public-private-academic community partnerships;
  • Be Proactive in meeting up with the challenges of globalization and climate change on the built environment; and
  • Plan for equitable growth and well being of our communities, where the needs of our communities for social infrastructure, quality and safe living environment are met with the highest standards of planning.

FUNCTIONS OF Malaysian Institute of Planners

Establish and maintain a Register of members of the Institute. 

Undertake research, programs and projects and assisting organizations and individuals.

Devise and impose standards of knowledge and skills. 

Draw up a guideline on the scale of professional charges.

Disseminate information pertaining to Town Planning.

Establish courses and undertake training programmes.

Assist and advise Government, local authorities, public or private bodies.

Provide facilities for communication and interchange with other professional associations.

Carry out any other activity incidental to its function and objectives.

Categories of Membership

Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellow Members shall be distinguished or eminent persons whose membership of the Pertubuhan shall in the opinion of the Council add prestige to or advance the interest of the Pertubuhan and shall continue to be Honorary Fellow Members at the pleasure of the Council.


Fellow Members shall in the opinion of the Council be persons of outstanding merit and have made significant contributions to the Town Planning profession in Malaysia.


Corporate Members shall be persons that have at least 2 (two) years approved post graduate experience and who has been a Graduate Member of the Pertubuhan for at least 1 (one) calendar year prior to their election as a Corporate Member. Approved experience shall be as defined by the Council from time to time.


Graduate Members shall be persons holding recognized qualifications in Town Planning which in the opinion of the Council are acceptable for eventual Corporate Membership of The Pertubuhan.


Student Members shall be persons who are undergoing a course of studies for a degree or diploma in Town Planning at a University or center of higher learning or persons working and studying towards becoming a Town Planner.


The Associate Member shall be an individual person belonging to a profession allied to the practice of town planning which in the opinion of the Council is acceptable.


Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) is to promote the science and art of Town Planning for the benefit of the public by ensuring the existence of a body of professional planners with the appropriate knowledge, training and skills to promote the advancement of town planning in Malaysia.

The figure below shows the requirement to become a registered town planner in Malaysia, in particular Graduate Town Planner (Non-certified Practising Planner), Corporate Town Planer (Certified Practising Planner), and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

Graduate Membership Registration Requirements

  • Has completed a bachelor or a master degree recognised by MIP.
  • Has at least one year of relevant town planning experience.

Corporate Membership Registration Requirements

  • A citizen or a permanent resident of Malaysia.
  • Must be a registered graduate member with MIP for a minimal one year.
  • Have accumulated two years of working experience.
  • Submit a log sheet detailing the minimum of 3 years work experiences as a Town Planner together with the application forms. The applicant’s supervisors must verify the log sheet, who must be corporate members.
  • Undertake MIP corporate membership course.
  • The course includes four modules: 1) Planning law, 2) Land law and procedure, 3) Planning practice in public & private sectors, 4) Planning administration system in Malaysia and town planner professional ethics and conducts.
  • Pass the course examination. The content of the examination is based on the above four modules. For each paper, candidates must answer 3 questions within 2 hours. Applicants who do not pass the examination will be required to retake the exam.
  • Oral interview for admission. Applicants who failed the interview need to repeat the interview until successful.

Under clause 9 of MIP’s Code of Professional Conduct, a corporate planner must obtain a minimum of 20 CPD points for two years. Otherwise, their membership will be halted or terminated.

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