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Town Planning Services Malaysia: What are Town Planning Services?

town planning malaysia

Town and urban planning services involve managing current and planned projects based on strategic planning and growth management, including the development control or implementation process, carried out according to the statutory framework. 

Town planning is a complex and constantly changing area driven by policy changes in response to several factors such as regional demands, demographic development, lifestyle changes, and the needs of a growing and changing population.

The following services are involved in town planning:

1. Preparation of Master Plans for Land Alienation or Acquisition Purposes

Town planners work with clients to create planning guidelines for their cities, guiding them through visioning, situational analysis, and conceptual design solutions by developing a comprehensive master plan and landscape plan.

They also execute schedules to facilitate site development and urban design guidance.

2. Preparation of Concept Plans for Conversion Approvals

Concept plans are an integral aspect of any town planning project’s initial preparation and budgeting process. In general, town planning starts by analyzing a potential site meant for development, which involves an overview of feasibility analysis.

The partners gather, analyze, and maps information on topography, soils, vegetation, wetlands, parcel control, site alignment, regulatory restrictions, etc., based on record analysis and site survey operations.

The planner determines the best position by deciding which areas are poor for construction (such as floodplains or steep slopes) and which are acceptable.

3. Preparation of Detailed Layout Plans for Planning Approval

As part of the mobilization operation, the town planner prepared site development plans before on-site work starts.

The layout plan is vital to site development as some areas can be very dynamic, which requires the planning and transportation of vast volumes of materials and high-value goods, plants, and individuals.

Setting up a site effectively and accurately will help ensure that the work is carried out effectively and safely.

4. Preparation of Reports and Studies for Privatisation Projects

Privatisation involves the transfer of assets from the public (government) sector to the private sector. Town planners develop the studies and report document that provides details on the proposed project’s overall picture.

The project report provides a comprehensive account of the project proposal to ascertain the privatization process’s activity.

5. Development of Proposals for Land Acquisition or Joint Ventures

Town planners continually peruse acquisition and joint ventures of land and construction projects. They also serve as a middleman between the landowners and buyers to better assess and accommodate their needs.

For example, the landowner, the developer, and the funder of the project may be involved in a joint venture set up for development purposes.

There are different ways in which such a joint venture can be organized, and before anything is agreed upon by the parties involved, the legal paperwork setting up the scheme should be in order.

No one scheme is always acceptable, and the benefits and challenges of each choice should be carefully weighed.

6. Cooperation with Local Government Authorities for Conversion and Planning Approvals

Town planners in Malaysia study the local government planning policies that specifically impact the project to create successful plans.

In the growth strategy, local planning authorities (LPAs) could have several conflicting policies. Town planners are careful to decide which ones will impact the application’s result.

7. Submission of Plans for Approval of Development

Before any building project is initiated, it is important to obtain an approval document from the local city council.

Professionally drawn plans would be mandatory for permission before applying for a construction or development permit and for the architect or contractors to follow. A building consent is the base document for any major construction project.

8. Counsel On Land Matters Regarding Conversion and Subdivision

If one is not thorough about due diligence, land conversion or subdivision can be risky and expensive.

A variety of tentative elements are available to help determine if a subdivision or conversion is feasible. Town planners offer advice in this regard to determine whether subdividing or converting a project will be profitable or not.

In a Nutshell

Collaborating with a registered town planner in Malaysia can ensure that proposed projects are acceptable, viable, and feasible.

These professional town planners work to ensure that clients, whether from the private or public sector, planning councils, or third parties, achieve the best possible results with their services.


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